"do it for her" images that are edited to say "do it for him"



Feeding the eels.


Feeding the eels.


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I’ve never heard that stat, sounds like bullshit to me, one month to get over a whole year?? it took me way longer to get over my first relationship, give yourself all the time you need, it’s traumatic as hell!

traumatics a good fucking word 

yeah like three separate people have said that to me since this has happened and i even heard a guy on the radio say it today and im like aha yeah theres no way

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Sunshine tho

why would you even try to fight me on this. look at this man

Also he kept the buttons off the jacket as if I wouldnt notice but fuck it I’m not going to go through this again

also i was gonna get drunk tonight but i knew as soon as i even thought about booze that would mean i would try to text him :///

So I guess I’m at single for three weeks now which means that in seven days I’ll be officially pathetic for not being over my first boyfriend ever and not being over the break up and not being not in love still and everyone will start rolling their eyes at me instead of putting up with me because “on average it takes a person about a month for every year that theyve been together to get over a break up” and it will be ridiculous of me to be upset that he doesn’t think about me, want me in his life, and probably be relieved to be rid of me


DC is being all gritty and “realistic” and Marvel just had a movie where the galaxy is saved by a dance-off and the power of friendship

And blatant sexism